JASMINE - Aya Sugimoto

Ruby Version 2001 - m-flo Remix - New Distance - Utada Hikaru

Def Tech " Journey "
Release date: 2016.07.06 -
New album " Eight "

YUNA ITO " GATE " (PV - Sample Clip!)

For decades Buddhist Monks have walked endlessly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the belief that their selfless sacrifice and prayers for peace will make Nagasaki the last city in the world ever to know the horrors of Nuclear War.This time they were joined by Native Americans, Veterans, and peace groups of all faiths for their final 1600 mile journey across deserts, over mountain ranges and through more than 250 communities as they walked from San Francisco to the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico, location of the first Atomic Bomb detonation. Once returned to its origin, the flame that has been kept for 60 years was extinguished.

YUNA ITO " GATE " OST from Movie " Gate " (PV - Sample Clip!) Joint Copyright - Usage Sony & GNDF -
YUNA ITO x TAKESHI KOBAYASHI x MIKHAIL PLETNEV (U.S. / Japan / Russia) come together to record "GATE". For the movie "GATE" and SOUNDTRACK. All volunteered, and all proceeds go toward dismantling nuclear weapons.

FEMM " Countdown "

Release date : 2016.06.29


JASMINE " sad to say " (anniversary ver.)
Release date : 2014/10/29
From her first best album, "PURE LOVE BEST". New version of her debut single released on June 24th, 2009. PV features cameo appearances with JAY'ED, Minami Minami from CREAM, EMI MARIA, Mirei Toyama, CIMBA, Zeebra, Maiko Katagiri from MAY'S, Staxx T from CREAM, LEO, AISHA and TEE.


FEMM " PoW! "

Release Date: 2016.02.03
1st Major EP "Pow! / L.C.S.".

BONNIE PINK " Spin Big "
This is the new song by BONNIE PINK.
BONNIE PINK singing for over 20 years.
Her first big success was the song "Orange" of 1995.

BoA " MASAYUME CHASING " ( Whos Back Live Tour 2014 )

BoA " Everyting Needs Love " - Live " Arena Tour " 2007

HAPPINESS " FRIENDS " ( Eng. sub )